Antenatal Breastfeeding Consultations

Preparation before baby arrives can ensure a smoother start to your breastfeeding experience. This is particularly important if breastfeeding didn’t work out in the past for you.

This can take place at any time during your pregnancy.

We discuss your previous breastfeeding experiences, and address any ideas, concerns and expectations you have. 

This consultation deals with

  • brief breast examination( if required)
  • mechanics of breast milk production
  • birthing choices and how they impact on breastfeeding
  • normal newborn behaviors including feeding cues
  • the benefits of skin to skin contact in the first hour
  • how to get breastfeeding started including what a good latch looks and feels like
  • baby positioning
  • what to expect in the first few days and in the early weeks
  • have I got enough milk and is my baby getting enough?
  •  demonstration of hand breastmilk expression
  •  discussion on  common breastfeeding myths
  • what is  normal infant sleeping behavior and safe sleeping
  • useful website and recommended books
  • DURATION – 2.5 hrs
  • Includes  a discount for further consultations
  • Includes priority booking once baby is born

FEE  130 euro ( Pre payment Required )

Cancellation fee: Require 24 Hour Notice ,after 50% of fee .Day of Appointment 100 % of fee.Administration Fees apply