Bottle Feeding Consultation


The bottle-feeding consultation is ideal if your baby is facing issues like leaking, fussiness, gagging, choking, gulping, or feeling discomfort during bottle feeding. Whether your baby is refusing a bottle, you’re looking to transition or introduce a bottle to your breastfed baby, or you’re using formula feeding, this consultation caters to these concerns.The consultation provides effective techniques to help babies accept a bottle, whether you’re introducing it occasionally or transitioning to full-time bottle feeding.During the session, I may conduct a thorough assessment of your baby’s oral anatomy and offer oral exercises if necessary. Additionally, we explore various bottle options customized to your baby’s needs and address any bottle feeding challenges that may arise.Upon completion, a written care plan will be sent for you to follow.Duration :90 minutesClinic or virtual consultationFee : 150 euroFollow up : 100 euroPrepayment is required