I offer one to one breastfeeding consultation. This takes a holistic and client-centred approach. The consultation takes place in my clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

The consultation duration may take up to two hours, for assessment and formulation of an appropriately personalised and realistic breastfeeding care plan. Our goal should be to

  • Normalise any breastfeeding issues, and
  • Help fit breastfeeding into your daily life.

During our consultation we go over both mother and baby assessments.

Sometimes some breastfeeding issues require two or more appointments. It may depend on how long the problem took to develop.

We work together to address any challenges you are encountering, and address and further concerns or questions you might have. We develop a care plan together to help you reach your breastfeeding goals.


  • Pregnancy and birth history
  • Medical history including medications or over the counter or herbal medications
  • Breastfeeding history including in hospital and at home and identification of any problems or red flag issues.
  • Examination of mother (nipple and breast problems which may impact on breastfeeding)


  • Medical history including any neonatal medication
  • Baby examination including posture and tone, head shape/body alignment
  • Oral examination including anatomy
  • Baby suck assessment

Breastfeeding assessment

  • Observation of a full breast feed
  • Positioning guidance and adjustment as needed


Sometimes it takes time to resolve an issue. Successful breastfeeding is a process with many moving variables. Quick fixes are not always possible.

If a further visit is needed, it is available at a reduced rate