What’s a nursing strike ?
A baby that has been breastfeeding/ chestfeeeding well suddenly refuses to nurse .It may last for a couple of days or a week and it is usually temporary
Nursing strike happens so suddenly and most parents are frightened and upset with the refusal to feed . Babies are usually  unhappy fussy and upset by not feeding
A baby rarely weans within the first year .
Weaning is usually gradual over weeks and months rather than abruptly
Babies can enter a nursing strike for many reasons .
These reasons include:
  • Illness
  • Ear Infection
  • Negative reaction to biting
  • Long separation
  • Easily Distractible
  • Teething
  • Stress
  • Overstimulation
  • Change in personal care products
  • Recently changed nursing routine such as returning to work
  • Change in the taste of breastmilk due Pregnancy or the return of your menes
How To Cope with a nursing strike
Many of the mothers I have seen in my lactation consultant practise in Galway all have agreed it takes time and a lot of patience to coax a baby back to breastfeeding .Most importantly advised keeping the breast a happy place not a battle field with  stress and anxiety
Other suggestions that have worked are
  •  Identify the cause of the nursing strike and try and remedy or work around the  problem Seeking help from a international board certified lactation consultant can help navigate the problem using evidence based advice
  • Lots and Lots of skin to skin with no pressure to breastfeed
  • Co bathing relaxing in the birth
  • Keep offering the breast for comfort
  • Wear clothes that give easy access to the breast
  • Nurse while rocking bouncing
  • Keep your breastmilk supply robust by pumping either by hand or an electric pump
  • Keep your baby  feed by alternative ways such as a cup ,supplementary nursing system or pace bottle feeding

Has your  baby had a nursing strike ?

What helped during the nursing strike?

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