Relactation is restarting #breastfeeding again after you have stopped .It is the process of stimulating your breast to make #breastmilk again
Even if you have weaned for several weeks or months it is possible to bring back your #breastmilk supply
However it can take some time from a few days to several months .Generally it takes the same amount of time you stopped breastfeeding/chestfeeding to bring back your breastmilk supply .Younger babies are more willing to return to the breast then older babies .But don’t lose hope as older babies just need more creative ways
Breastmilk production works on supply and demand . Stimulating your breast by putting baby to the breast or pumping will signal to your breast to start making #breastmilk again
These are my favorite tips gained in my vast experience working as a lactation consultant in County Galway
To get started try
πŸ”·Skin to skin much as possible as this is an important step to allow your baby to get reacquainted with your breast. Also to get those breastfeeding hormones flowing and stimulate babies natural feeding reflexes .
πŸ”·Put baby to the breast at each feeding and for comfort .Be patient and never force.Let the baby lead
πŸ”·Consider pumping with a double electric pump or hand express every 2-3 hours to help build your supply
πŸ”·While you are building up your supply consider using a supplementary system or a cup .If #bottle feeding use a pace feeding approach and feed in close contact with your breast
πŸ”·Surround yourself with people that support your journey . Get your cheer leaders ready as relactation is a time consuming process that requires a lot of emotional commitment .Set yourself realistic goals and be confident in yourself
Let my experience in helping the birthing parent to relactate in my private lactation practice in County Galway guide you in fore filling your breastfeeding or chest feeding goals
If you wish to relactate get help from your lactation consultant @nourishboob

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