BLOCKED or PLUGGED ducts not clearing ?
During breastfeeding the breastmilk flows through the milk ducts to the nipple .If these milk ducts become blocked or breastmilk has problems going through the ducts  it forms a clog and this is known as a Blocked or Plugged duct
The most common signs  area localised small hard lump in the affected breast which may be red ,sore or swollen .Sometimes more than one lump maybe felt. A blocked duct comes on gradually and aren’t uncommon . I have encountered many women presenting with them im my private breastfeeding practise in County Galway.
Blocked Ducts are formed when breastmilk is not removed completely from the breast and are due to many reasons
These in my experience as a lactation consultant include
Missing or skipping breastfeeds and a pumping sessions
  • Long gaps between breastfeeds due to teething ,going back to work ,nipple pain ,abrupt weaning ,sleeping longer periods of  times ,scheduled feeds and supplementing
  • Your baby is experiencing latching difficulties
  • Pressure on the ducts by wearing a too tight bra or clothes,fingers ,bags and sleeping prone
  • Inflammation caused by bacterial and yeast infection ,injury and allergies
  • Stress fatigue and anemia
If the blockage is not cleared after 24-48 hours, or if flu-like symptoms develop or deterioration is present,you should consult a doctor, as blocked ducts can lead to mastitis
 Try these suggestions
  • Breastfeed breastfeed and breastfeed
  •  Soak your breast in a bowl of warm water with Epsom salts or use a silicone pump in the same way will dislodge the clog
  •  Try an electric toothbrush on your breast.The vibrations may break up the clog
  • Gently massage your breast under a warm shower starting at the sore area and work towards your nipple
  • A wide tooth comb can help break up a clog .Press the comb down gently and firmly and comb over the clog towards your nipple.Use soap or lanolin to help the comb slide
  • Try different breastfeeding positions . Such as dangle nursing
  • It’s not the sunflower lecithin but the choline in the lecithin that’s preventing and treating clogs . Choline can be found in food sources such eggs fish broccoli and cauliflower.. Also you can take choline supplements
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