Breastfeeding Question :Can Breastfeeding Cause Saggy Breasts ?

Does breastfeeding or pumping cause saggy breast ?
Many women are reluctant to breastfeed  as they believe this to be true but can take comfort that it is only a myth.
Research has shown that breastfeeding/or pumping doesn’t cause breast to sag ( breast ptosis  is the medical term ) Rather its pregnancy that can contribute to breast feeling saggy and deflated
Part of the reason is breast have no muscles and they are attached to the muscles of the chest by ligaments called Coppers Ligaments.These ligaments allow the breast to move freely and remain soft.During pregnancy the breast  will become larger as they prepare for breastmilk production.These changes result in increase the milk producing structures and increase blood flow into the breast.After the birth of the baby the breast get fuller and larger as the milk comes in on  day 3-4 .Many women will experience an increase of 1-2  bra cup size.
As the breast increase in size and weight it causes these ligaments to stretch and this stretching  may lead to slightly saggier breast.This will happen regardless of breastfeeding or pumping.Also expect you breast to get smaller due the fat distribution around 6 months of  breastfeeding
When you stop breastfeeding your breast will return to the pre pregnant size over the next 6 months as fat starts to replace the milk producing structures in the breast
Aside from pregnancy other factors that may contribute to breast sagging and reduction in skin elasticity  include :age significant weight loss higher body mass index larger breast history of smoking genetics and multiple pregnancies
Support your breast by wearing a well fitted bra during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Most importantly give yourself some grace about your  amazing body and give it time to recover from pregnancy and breastfeeding .Remember it has  just grown and nurtured a beautiful  baby

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