D-MER- Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex

D-MER- Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex
Most women would describe breastfeeding as relaxing calming and enjoyable.However some mothers experience negative feelings during letdown . This is D-MER known as Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex. It may affect 9.1 % of breastfeeding women . These negative emotions develop before letdown ( milk ejection reflex ) and last for a few minutes . Women that are expressing may also experience D-MER
Women experience D-MER in different intensities :mild strong or overwhelming . Women who are suffering from D-MER use descriptive words such as
Home sickness
Wave of sadness
Feeling down
Like a failure
D-MER is different from postnatal depression as it occurs when your breastmilk is released and last for few minutes. While postnatal depression is that you experience the above symptoms all the time
Many women feel embarrassed by these feelings and are reluctant to seek help
The cause of D-MER is unclear but its a physiological reaction, not a psychological one . It is a reflex that cannot be controlled The current theory is it occurs as a result of inappropriate activity of a hormone, dopamine, when the MER is activated.
Some mothers find their symptoms decrease by 3 months and others not until weaning. But all agree they are able to manage their symptoms much better once it was named and felt they were not going crazy or worse still going to harm their babies .
If you are experiencing D-MER seek advice and support from your health care provider
As there is no cure for D-MER the key is to find strategies that help you cope
  • Surround yourself with families and friends to help support your journey
  • Skin to skin contact while nursing or expressing.Close contact can reduce cortisol levels for both mum and baby and lessen the negative impact
  • Practise mindfulness – few deep breaths or chanting can distract you from the negative feelings
  • Distractions such as eating drinking reading books or magazine watching Netflix or playing game on your phone
  • Avoid factors that worsen these symptoms like stress dehydration and caffeine
  • Prioritise sleep as a lack can cause worsening of the symptoms
For mums who are going through it you are not alone . Seek out help @nourishboob.com
Did you experience D-MER ?

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